🍻 Prologue: A Love Story in Every Sip

In the heart of Lincoln’s beer culture, there’s a love story brewing—one that unfolds sip by sip at Empyrean’s monthly Beer School. Meet Andrea and Tom, integral members of what we affectionately call the Brew Crew. Their journey with Beer School is a testament to the vibrant community that gathers to celebrate the craft of brewing.

👫 Chapter 1: The Brew Crew Chronicles

Tom, a seasoned Beer School aficionado since June 2011, embodies the spirit of dedication. Having attended almost every session, he describes Beer School as a “really fun way to start the month” and cherishes the social aspect and familiar faces. “It feels like being a part of a unique community group,” says Tom.

Tom talking to Jim at Beer School

💑 Chapter 2: Brewing Love and Shared Moments

Love found its way into Beer School when Tom introduced Andrea to his favorite Monday night tradition when they began dating in February 2018. For Andrea, Beer School became a fun social event shared with friends, offering a unique bonding experience. “I’ve lived in Lincoln almost my whole life, so we’ve always known the restaurants and the beers through going out to restaurants with my family as a child. I heard about Beer School for the first time through some of my old co-workers, but didn’t start going until Tom and I met,” said Andrea.

🍺 Chapter 3: Tapping into Unique Experiences

Dedication reached new heights when Andrea and Tom hosted their socially distanced Beer School during the COVID-19 shutdown, showcasing their commitment to the community.  You’ll likely spot them as first in line for the first-come, first-serve event; they embody the true spirit of Beer School enthusiasts. Andrea continued, “It’s a very fun social event with my friends that we can all enjoy and bond over. The other reason I keep returning is because there’s always something new, and we enjoy the banter with all the Empyrean folk.”

Tom and Andrea celebrate landing the first spot in line for Beer School.

🎓 Chapter 4: Learning, Loving, and Luna Sea

Beyond the camaraderie, Beer School provides a unique educational experience. It offers a rare opportunity to ask our brewers about the process and even request new beer flavors. The couple even made sure to take some wedding photos in front of the brewery, a place where they’ve spent many times waiting, rain or shine, for Beer School. “We got married at Iron Horse, which is one block away, so we thought it would be fun to go stand in the iconic beer tour location,” said Tom.

Tom and Andrea stand outside Empyrean Brewing Co. during their wedding photos.

🍻 Chapter 5: Favorite Brews and Future Laughs

Tom says, “As far as a favorite, I tend to not pick favorites in life.” Tom’s reluctance doesn’t extend to Luna Sea ESB, highlighting its fantastic flavor. Meanwhile, Andrea’s taste buds evolved from Third Stone Brown to Luna Sea ESB. ” I really developed a taste bud for bitter, and an ESB hits the spot anytime of the year,” says Andrea.

🥂 Cheers to More Beer Schools and Laughs

And they lived happily ever after. Thanks Tom and Andrea for sharing your story and allowing us to have a small part of it. If you’re curious, join them on the first Monday of every month. Line up outside of Empyrean Brewing Co. There are some awesome friendly faces that will welcome you.

Check out our Facebook events page for more information.

Photos courtesy of Tom and Andrea Ringsmuth


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