The Story of Dark Side Vanilla Porter

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February 29, 2016
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March 22, 2016

Dark Side Vanilla Porter

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We dreamed up Dark Side in 1996 after a trip to the Great American Beer Festival where we sampled a seasonal vanilla porter from Breckenridge Brewery. We felt we could one-up the Colorado brewed version and promptly went about
doing so.

Our recipe starts with a smooth, yet robust porter with roasted coffee and chocolate highlights. For many years, we infused it naturally with genuine, dried vanilla beans from Madagascar.

But as vanilla beans became difficult to source, we sought a new way to impart the delicate vanilla flavor while following our tradition of using all-natural ingredients. After a few trials, we fell in love with a combination of high-quality, organic vanilla bean paste and organic vanilla bean extract.

Easily our most unique year-round core brand, Dark Side Vanilla Porter is our most popular bottled beer retailed outside of Nebraska’s boarders.

With an approachable flavor shrouded in a dark ale, it pairs well with beef and tastes even better with dessert. Just one sip and you’ll be glad you turned to the Dark Side.