Brewing Local with Nebraska-Grown Hops

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September 20, 2018
Mind Over Mango IPA
New Release: Mind Over Mango IPA
June 27, 2019

Watch Man IPA Now Brewed with Nebraska Hops

“Like all great travellers, I’ve seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.”

You’ve seen this wrapped around the Watch Man IPA bottle for years and since the inauguration of this embodied essence, the spirit of this quote has remained a testament to the timelessness and relevance of the first Watch Man IPA ever bottled.

While the label’s artwork transcends you to a place of nomadic spirit, the inukshuk acts as a symbol of grounded strength existing in the unknown. Made of stones, rocks and boulders this character is commonly described as an ancient navigational compass mimicking the human form. The wandering nomads, tribes and spirits relied on the inukshuk for more than just navigation; they used them to tell the stories of the land and certainly to write their own stories under the stars.

While we’ve never told the story of the trees on the Watch Man IPA label, it seems rather fitting to imagine it now as we approach the 6th Annual Nebraska Hop Cup, a benefit event for the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild. The tree line has an old resemblance of the Midwest Hop Yards during harvest in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Especially, when the hops are lush, and the sun shines through highlighting the strength and the tenacity of the plant.

So, it is, from our great state of Nebraska we proudly announce; our drinkable and beloved India Pale Ale is now made with locally-grown hops from the Midwest Hop Yards.

As you enjoy, you’ll taste the hoppy bitterness from the Nugget hops, the citrus aromas and grapefruit notes derive from the Centennial hops and the strawberry notes at the finish come from the Cashmere hops.

As we revisit the drinking experience of one of our classics, we sit back, sip and acknowledge the change. Beer profiles have transformed, the industry has broadened, but the one thing that hasn’t changed; we, as humans still gather and we still look to the inukshuk for navigation, as their stacked stones hold powerful stories of our ancestors and the land.

For the past 28 odd years, we are still proudly brewing unfiltered, unpasteurized, preservative-free brews, and just like 10,000 years ago we still gather, we still celebrate the nomadic spirit that lives inside of us and our beloved craft of beer.