Halloween Candy and Craft Beer Pairings

Mind Over Mango IPA
New Release: Mind Over Mango IPA
June 27, 2019
Bikes & Frights
October 18, 2019

Halloween Candy and Craft Beer Pairings

Trick-or-treating is about to take on a whole new meaning for grown-ups. Join our journey as we pair our favorite childhood candies with the brews of Empyrean Brewing Co.

Long Route Peanut Butter Porter + Peanut Butter Cups

Inspired by the mighty chocolate covered peanut butter cup, we brewed this Long Route with roasted malts, peanut butter, flaked oats and lactose milk sugar. The result is a porter that drinks a lot like the candy making the two an easy pairing, for sure.

Mind Over Mango IPA + Fruity Candies

When you’re snacking on brightly colored sugar shells filled with fruity sweet goodness – it’s important to keep your beer light and bright. A refreshing sip of this crisp IPA makes a great pairing, plus the mango notes enhance the tropical rainbow flavors of the candy.

Watch Man IPA + Sour Gummy Bears

The combination of contrasting flavors like sweet and tart has the fascinating ability to create a mouthwatering effect. Quench that thirst with a swig of our classic-inspired Watch Man IPA whose moderate hop profile mellows with the candy’s sweeter-center.

Third Stone Brown + Chocolate Wafer Bars

You know what goes really well with airy cookie wafers layered in chocolate? An English brown ale. Something about this pairing leaves you with a pleasurable aftertaste of caramelized nuts.

Chaco Canyon Honey + Honey Chews

Brewed with honey made by local honeybees, it’s quite obvious to pair this ale with a honey-flavored candy to boost the beer’s essence. Likewise, the mellowness of Chaco Canyon serves to cleanse your palette for the next candy binge.

Dark Side Vanilla Porter + Chocolate Coated Candies

Chocolate and vanilla: quite possibly the most perfect food pairing in the history of complementary flavors. The simplicity of milk chocolate sings when paired with the vanilla aromas of Dark Side. Likewise, we find chocolate enhances the slightly bitter notes of the dark roast malts brewed in this porter.

This Halloween, what are your favorite pairings?

Explore the options and tell us at “Bikes & Frights” on Thursday, October 24, 2019. Bicycle (or chose an alternate form of transportation) between three breweries (Green Flash, Code Beer and Empyrean Brewing) which concludes with a live band, food trucks, prizes and Halloween costume contest. Frightfully fun! Details on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/1202939619830370/. Proceeds support the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild.