Environmental Commitment

Good beer comes from good ingredients. 

We understand the vital role our environment plays in crafting the ingredients for our beer, securing our future livelihood, and enhancing the quality of life on our planet. As stewards of the environment, we prioritize sustainability and are committed to minimizing the ecological footprint of our brewing operations.



Empyrean donates over 300,000 pounds of spent grain to local farmers each year.

Our warehouse in downtown Lincoln houses the largest privately-owned solar panel arrays in Nebraska.

The buildings also utilize geothermal wells for more efficient heating and cooling.

Eco Packaging

Switching to cans wasn’t just about refreshing our look—it’s also better for Mother Earth. Cans are better for the environment because they are highly recyclable, lightweight, and have a longer shelf life. Resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions during production, and requiring less energy to produce and transport compared to glass bottles.


While geothermal systems have a larger upfront cost to install, they are about 40%-50% more efficient than conventional heating and cooling systems. So, we save around 40% of what we would spend on heating and cooling costs. Geothermal systems are also environmentally friendly and have lower greenhouse gas emissions than typical rooftop heating and cooling systems.

Solar Energy

Empyrean Brewing Co. boasts one of Nebraska’s largest private solar arrays. In peak months like July and August, it churns out approximately 45,000 kWh/month. That’s enough energy to power about 50 typical residential homes for a month. 

"Nature is the source of all true knowledge.”

— Leonardo da Vinci


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