It’s time to get into the festive spirit with a seasonal beer guide. Make your celebrations merrier and jingle your taste buds. Spread the holiday cheer. Cheers to great beer, and even greater memories.

Third Stone Brown | 5.3% ABV | 13 IBU

can of third stone brown with several colorful planets and a man standing on one

Tasting Notes: This smooth and malty Brown Ale exudes notes of caramel and toffee, balanced with a subtle nuttiness.

Food Pairing: Pair this comforting brew with hearty dishes like beef roast, caramelized vegetables, or creamy mushroom risotto.

Holiday Activity: Embrace the cozy warmth of the season by gathering around a crackling fireplace with loved ones.





Match + Maker Mint Chocolate Stout | 6% ABV | 16 IBU | Roasted Cacao Nibs, Fresh Mint Leaves

Tasting Notes: Indulge in the velvety richness of this Mint Stout, featuring a delightful blend of chocolate and refreshing mint. Tastes like a thin mint cookie in beer form.

Food Pairing: Perfectly complements sweet treats such as peppermint brownies or chocolate truffles. Would also pair well with rosemary and garlic roast lamb.

Holiday Activity: Get into the festive spirit by decorating cookies or creating homemade mint-flavored treats.




Fallen Angel Sweet Stout | 5.6% ABV | 22 IBU | Lactose Milk Sugar

purple fallen angel sweet stout can with artwork of an angel silhouette falling from the clouds

Tasting Notes: Immerse yourself in the decadent sweetness of this Sweet Stout, offering flavors reminiscent of creamy roasted chocolate. Or as some call it, an adult version of chocolate milk.

Food Pairing: Pair this brew with rich, creamy desserts like tiramisu, caramel cheesecake, or dark chocolate lava cake. Or offset the sweetness with a savory cheese board.

Holiday Activity: Host a cozy evening gathering with friends, playing board games and enjoying dessert pairings with the Fallen Angel.



Winter Wisdom Hazelnut Brown Ale | 5.3% ABV | 18 IBU | Natural Hazelnut

winter wisdom hazelnut brown ale can with artwork of a frozen lake, dead tree, man in a blue coat and yellow lab

Tasting Notes: Embrace the essence of the season with this brown ale, boasting a harmonious blend of caramel aromas and hints of roasted hazelnuts. Find a smooth, creamy finish.

Food Pairing: Complement the balanced profile with dishes like gingerbread cookies, glazed ham, or spiced nuts.

Holiday Activity: Venture outdoors for a winter hike or stroll through festive light displays to soak in the holiday ambiance. Cheers to New Year’s resolutions with old friends.



Barrel Sled Imperial Coconut Stout | 8.5% ABV | 25 IBU | Toasted coconut

16 oz Barrel Sled Imperial Coconut Stout can with artwork of snow on a beach with palm trees and a man sledding in a barrel pulled by a Bernese Mountain Dog

Tasting Notes: Experience the robust flavors of this Imperial Stout, with a luscious blend of whiskey barrel-aged richness and toasted coconut undertones. Tastes like a smooth glass of mounds bars.

Food Pairing: Enhance the coconut profile with dishes like coconut shrimp, pineapple-glazed ham, or coconut cream pie.

Holiday Activity: Create a festive atmosphere by hosting a tasting party, inviting friends to sample this bold stout alongside holiday treats. Perhaps with a few holiday movies and drinking games alongside the viewing.


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