Brewing a Fundraiser for Lincoln Children’s Zoo Expansion

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August 7, 2017
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Brewing a Fundraiser

Empyrean Brewing Co. is a proud to call Lincoln home. Each year, we donate to multiple non-profit organizations and local causes through our charitable contributions program. This summer we are adding to those efforts by brewing a limited edition beer to directly support the expansion project at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.

“I have fond memories spending the summers of my youth at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo,” said Empyrean Head Brewer Rich Chapin. “I’m proud our brewery can help advance the Zoo for both my grandchildren and the next generation.”

Expanding the Lincoln Children’s Zoo isn’t about square footage — it’s about experiences with animals, learning, play opportunities and year-round access. Similarly, Empyrean Brewing Co. strives for more than simply brewing a good beer — it’s about creating an adventure, expanding the imagination and discovering something unusual.

Chapin said, “We couldn’t help but wonder, what if the animals ran the zoo?”

And with that, role-reversal became the inspiration for both the beer name and artwork. Zookeeper IPA packaging depicts two highly anticipated additions to the Zoo, a giraffe and a spider monkey, alongside a red panda, driving a safari vehicle they undoubtedly stole from the coming tiger exhibit.

“With enthusiastic dispositions, our motley crew of zookeepers are off to… well that’s for you to ponder,” Chapin says with a smile.

Zookeeper IPA will be available throughout Lincoln and in surrounding areas as draft and 6-pack bottles as early as this weekend to coincide with Lincoln Beer Week 2018. Proceeds come from a collaboration between Empyrean Brewing Company and K&Z Distributing, with matching donations from Super Saver and Russ’s Market.

About Lincoln Children’s Zoo Expansion Project
The Love Your Zoo capital campaign fundraising goal is $20 million by 2020. These funds will cover new, interactive animal habitats which include climbing near a spider monkey, tunneling like a mongoose, feeding a giraffe lettuce, boarding a safari Jeep next to a tiger and running alongside a cheetah. The project also includes the construction of an education and conservation center for on-site research and the continued Zoo School educational partnership with Lincoln Public Schools.

About Empyrean Brewing Co.
Founded in 1990, Empyrean Brewing Co. is the oldest craft brewery in the state of Nebraska. The adventurous spirit that launched Empyrean Brewing Co. created such beer legends as Chaco Canyon Gold, Third Stone Brown, Dark Side Vanilla Porter, Carpe Brewem Imperial Mango IPA, and a host of seasonal, specialty and limited release beers.