Serving as an ancient navigational pointer, INUKSHUK means, “you are on the right path.” Much like the Inuit, we find beauty in the idea of a "watch man" made of unworked stones guiding us with mystical powers. Maybe it's because we all share comfort in the universal thought that something bigger is looking out for us in this journey called life.

Watch Man IPA keeps the bitterness firm but in check, accented by floral and citrus notes from the hops.

Malts: 2-Row, Caramel 60 and Aromatic
Hops: Grown in Nebraska -- Nugget, Columbus, Cashmere and Centennial
Food pairings: Flaky grilled fish, creamy pastas and hearty salads
Flavor Category: Extra hoppy


    • 85%


Original Gravity: 14.3
Availability: Year-round
Packaged As: 6-pack bottles, 5 and 15.5-gallon kegs