EBC Special Hops Variety Pack box

Special Hops Variety Pack

For those who want it all when it comes to hop-forward beers - our variety 12-pack combines old favorites with a rotating array of beers every hop lover will enjoy. Only the best of the best hops make the cut for Special hOPS. This operation requires rigorous refinement and scorching temperatures. Finally, our hops emerge victorious among the elite class of beers. Their journey is proof that the IPA is only as great as its hops.

Box 1 (MAY-SEP)

  • Mind Over Mango IPA®
  • Watch Man IPA®
  • Grapefruit Pale Ale
  • Haze Sower Hazy IPA

Box 2 (OCT-APR)

  • Mind Over Mango IPA®
  • Watch Man IPA®
  • West Coast IPA
  • Haze Reaper Hazy IPA


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