Long Route Peanut Butter Porter

With delightful aroma of peanut butter cup, this beer maintains a porter backbone with twisting layers of chocolate, peanut butter and toast. An appealing balance of beer and peanut butter candy flavors. Pairs well with grilled meats, curry, Thai, baked apples and chocolate desserts.

Malts: Maris Otter, Biscuit, Dark Crystal, Roast and Midnight Wheat
Hops: Meridian
Extras: Artificial Peanut Butter Flavoring (non-allergenic), Flaked Oats and Lactose (Milk Sugar)

Flavor Category: Extra malty


  • 10%


Original Gravity: 14.6
Availability: Year-round
Packaged As: 6-pack bottles, 5 and 15.5-gallon kegs

This beer was previously retailed under the name Carpe Brewem Peanut Butter Porter.