Get local and make it crushable! This was our guiding principle in crafting this pale wheat ale.

Get local: We brewed this ale using pale-2 row grown near Auburn and malted at Nebraska Malt in Lincoln. We selected hops from Midwest Hop Producers in Plattsmouth.

Make it crushable: We’re using the latest in enzyme techniques to keep the body lean and dry-hopping with our Rocket technology for the ultimate hop flavor and aroma infusion. Pale and crisp with lemon citrus highlights. Serve with or without lemon.

Malts: Nebraska Malt: pale 2-row, Malted wheat, Carared
Hops: Midwest Hop Yards: Yakima Gold, Crystal

Flavor Category: Slightly Hoppy


    • 55%


Original Gravity: 11.3
Availability: Exclusively at Toast and Leadbelly
Packaged as: Draft only