Our Harvest Ale is something special. Every year, we pick a local farm and hop variety for fresh picked, still "wet" hops to harvest for our classic wet-hopped IPA we call Harvest Ale. For our 2021 Harvest Ale, we chose to work with Josh Christensen who farms hop south of Fort Calhoun and in four years is growing some of the best Comet hops we've seen and smelled. We pick the hops and in a brief 18 hours use them to "wet hop" the beer. The fresh hops impart an extra grassy hop note you'll catch along with tons of grapefruit and orange citrus character.

Malts: Nebraska Malt Pale 2-Row and Dark Crystal
Hops: Nebraska-grown Chinook, Triple Pearl and wet Comet

Flavor Category: Extra hoppy


    • 85%


Original Gravity: 12.3
Availability: Fall
Packaged As: Draft and Bottled in Variety- 12 pack bottles