Our Harvest Ale is something special. Every year we partner with a local hop farmer for our harvest ale, and then build a beautiful beer around the hops they grow. There’s something about taking ingredients direct from field to brew in 24 hours that really solidifies the connection between the bounty of our soil and our beer.

The bounties of our state’s soil and sun come alive in our 2019 Harvest Ale. This year we were able to utilize pale-2 row barley that was grown near Auburn and malted in Lincoln by Nebraska Malt and freshly picked hops from Midwest Hop Yards in Plattsmouth. The beer is a “throw-back” to early 90’s IPA, with mild grassy and caramel malt sweetness upfront and citrus/orange hop character throughout.

Malts: Nebraska Malt Pale 2-Row and Dark Crystal
Hops: Nebraska-grown Chinook, Yakima Gold and Cascade

Flavor Category: Extra hoppy


  • 85%


Original Gravity: 12.3
Availability: Fall
Packaged As: Bottle and Draft