September 20, 2018

Beer Release Calendar

Your complete guide to beer releases from Empyrean Brewing Company for the year, 2019. Enjoy the pursuit of the brew.
August 20, 2018

Summer’s Last Sip

Summer’s Last Sip As summer draws to a close, don’t let the magic end before enjoying a proper Kölsch ale. Carpe Brewem Kölsch is bright gold in color and accented with the aroma of ripe pears and fresh baked bread that combines with subtle flavors of malt and herbal hop with a clean, fruity finish. Fearlessly refreshing, its available for a limited time in Empyrean Variety 12-packs and on tap at select accounts. #PursueTheBrew Style Guide: What is KÖLSCH? “Great European […]
May 21, 2018

The Art of Pairing Beer with Food

The Art of Pairing Beer with Food One of the most engaging aspects of beer and all its magnificent complexities, is pairing it with food. Beer boldly goes beyond wine, pairing well with sushi, leafy greens and blue cheese, for example. When deciding what style of beer to pair with which foods, get ready to break the rules. While wine experts have established strict pairing rules, beer aficionados see it as subjective and take a more relaxed stance. Every palate […]

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