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Discover your journey—and bring good beer.

We’re explorers at heart. Never stand still, never settle down. From our first drop in 1990 to our entire line today, we infuse each one of our beers with the excitement, anticipation, and freedom of the journey. Pursue the Brew®.

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Pitched Blue® Black & Blueberry Ale

Find your thrill… Navigate the cosmos and awaken your senses to fresh blueberry and biscuit malts with subtle, stimulating dark notes.

Late Winter/Early Spring Seasonal Navigator

Fallen Angel® Sweet Stout

A smooth-drinking, late-winter wonder. We’ve crafted this English-style stout using roasted malts and a healthy dose of lactose sugar to produce a rich and creamy beer with hints of roasted chocolate.

Spring Limited Collection

Zookeeper® Lemon Kolsch

Pucker up and embrace your wild side with this refreshing Kolsch-style ale fermented with lemon puree. Squeeze the day.

Summer Seasonal Navigator

Super Nova
California Common

Smooth and light-bodied like all good summer beers, Super Nova™ is a formula for the modern era.

Fall Seasonal Navigator

Aries Märzen Oktoberfest

A clean and balanced presentation of malty sweetness with a refreshing herbal hop finish. There’s an Oktoberfest in every sip.

Winter Seasonal Navigator

Winter Wisdom Hazelnut Brown®

Wise up. Look deep within this brown ale to breathe in caramel aromas, taste hints of roasted hazelnuts, and find a smooth, creamy finish.

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Chaco Canyon Gold®

Golden Ale

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Third Stone Brown®

Brown Ale

Mind Over Mango IPA®

Mango IPA

Watch Man IPA®


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We’re based out of Lincoln, Nebraska, smack dab in the middle of America’s heartland. With over 3 dozen beers available in 2,100+ locations, we’ve got the perfect flavor for your journey.

Our Story

A Road Well-Traveled

The Empyrean brewing journey began in 1990 in Lincoln, Nebraska, with the craft beer boom in its infancy.  We wanted to provide Nebraskans with good beer, and we were going to work hard to do just that. Our story commenced with tapping at Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill, a local staple, and later evolved with the addition of a sister restaurant, FireWorks. We began curating flavors and ingredients and meticulously handcrafted them into the core batch of beers that we still offer to this day, over 30 years later.

As Nebraska’s first craft brewery, we have continued to grow, learn, and experiment. Our sense of discovery still drives everything we do. Today, we feature flavors for nearly every palette and a taste for every journey.

Begin your journey. Pursue the Brew®.

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